Sleaford Mods – Eton Alive

Sleaford Mods have produced an album that's of the time, and therefore timeless. Urgent, infuriating, demented, driven and compelling.

Konradsen – Baby Hallelujah

There is something brutal about the scattered ivory patterns and ethereal choruses of Konradsen's ‘Baby Hallelujah’ that fills it with grace.

Van Goose – Wildstar

'Wildstar' now shifts trajectory of expectation. This is after-after party action. Club-adjacent, bottom-of-the-glass beauty.

Cheekface – Here I Was

Fuck you, Cheekface, and your fucking perfect song. Other people should try and write songs as timely as this 'Here I…

Sir Babygirl – Crush On Me

There are signals, pointers, and perspectives here that suggest that wit and absurdism are a significant spiritual devices. Sir Babygirl is…

Good Fuck – Physics

Nothing glamorous, nothing otherworldly - and yet there's something here we've never felt before. It's inexplicable. It's oddly accomplished.  Good Fuck…